DVDs Patina Techniques
Introduction to Metal Coatings and Patina
An introduction to using the Metal Coatings to create unique and interesting finishes. Includes the bonus DVD "Props and Set Design".

DVD Chapter Contents:
  • Set-up and Surface Preparation
  • Basic Metal Coatings with Patina
  • Advanced Patina Techniques
  • Multiple Patinas
  • Using Metal Coating C

The bonus DVD, "Props and Set Design", covers the following:
  • Prime-It and Smart Coat Application
  • Bronze and Copper Metal Coating B Application
  • Iron/Rust Techniques
  • Silver Meatl Coating B Application
  • Cold Casting Process and Finishing Waxes
Hot & Cold Patina Application by Ron Young
Hot & Cold Patina Application by Ron Young
Learn the essential steps of how to create beautiful hot and cold reactive patinas on steel and copper. Running Time: 99 Minutes

DVD Contents:

  • Surface Prep
    • Steel
    • Hot Patinas
    • Cold Patinas
  • Hot Patinas:
    • Japanese Brown
    • Cupric Nitrate
    • Ferric Nitrate
    • Rainbow
    • Universal Black
  • Cold Patinas:
    • Liver of Sulfur
    • Slate Black
    • M-24
    • Light Green
    • Japanese Brown
  • Advanced Hot Patinas:
    • Red Patina
    • Silver Nitrate
    • Pink Granite
    • Multi-Layered Patina